Cables for BW 805D4, JC5, Prima Luna 400



I have my system to the point where I’m trying to figure out which cables would best suit my system and my preferences. 

Setup is BW 805 D4 signature speakers, PrimaLuna evo400 preamp, Parasound JC5 amplifier and an eversolo amp-a8 streamer.


I am sure there is some point in the cable foray where the extra money might not be worth it so I’m wondering what a good, all around speaker wire and xlr cables would be for this setup. I definitely don’t want to make the system ridiculously bright, but definitely love depth and detail. 

if anyone has suggestions on speaker wire and xlr I’d be super grateful. I’ve read a little about AQ and Kimber. I’m sure there’s tons of other great companies that can make very great cables so any and all suggestions are appreciated!



Transparent is a sonic match for B&W 805 speakers. I had mine mated with the Musiclink Super MM2 series.


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I would not do AQ at this price point. Kimber can be on a brighter side.
When I had the N803 I had great results with Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref II XLRs and Purist Audio Aqueous speaker cables.
Audience AU24SX speaker cables are nice with smooth and resolving top end and great mids. 

Have you ever used The Cable Company? They have a lending library and you can try different cables. 

I use Ricable Invictus Reference power cord, speaker cable and RCA cables. They synergize very well with my setup as they are neutral and liquid sounding. I tried Lab12’s cables (Signal Project really), Furutech, and Supra Sword, but they added too much warmth to my setup.

@jg7884  - Take a look at this link

That way you will be able to make your decision based on cable science rather than the opinion of others

For Commercial brands, take a look at Audio Envy or Zavfino = Both are very good and will bring out the details you gear is capable of.

  • Also search this site for both these brands for the opinion of others.

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As far as XLRs, buy a pair of Mogami's. It will cost you $175. They will compete and surpass anything around $1K. I know this because I replaced mine with a $4K pair of AQ Thunderbirds. The T-birds are better, but nowhere near $4K better. The Mogami's actually competed quite well with the AQs. I have quite a bit of $$ tied up in ICs and PCs, but for the price/performance, Mogamis are incredible.