Cables for Creek Epos

Hello all-

I am working on a system which is a Creek Evolution 50a amp, will be the Creek Evolution 50d cd player, and Epos Elan 10 speakers. I am looking for speaker cable and interconnects for this system. I would like to bi wire if possible. Chord has been recommended to me but is too expensive for me right now. (I have a 13 foot run.) So I am looking at two other options, and am wondering if anyone thinks one seems better than another, or if I should think about something else.

So one option is Analysis Plus. I am thinking of the Clear Oval (14 gauge bi wire. This is one step down from the Oval 12, but has many of the same qualities.)

Another is Audioquest Flx-slip 14/4.

Any thoughts on which direction I should head?

with many thanks,