Cables for ML380S/ML332/Res Aud CD-55

Looking for advice/experience with cables for ML332/ML380S combination and Resolution Audio Cd-55. Speakers are Dunlavy SC-IV's and speaker cable is Kimber Bi-Focal XL. I have been using Magnan VI balanced between ML332 and ML380S. Thanks for the advice and recommendations in advance. Best wishes, Bill E
Paragon Radiant speakers (5 inch "mtm" w/Dynaudio drivers), or Magneplanar MMG's in a smaller room. I have not had a Levinson amp in my home, but can't imagine that this MIT interconnect would not get the best out of it (mine is a 2 meter run, and it IS likely that a much longer run would not sound as good...nobody ever gets to do an endrun around insertion losses, no matter what bs they sling). But then, you can't know ahead of time, before you try, so get started. Rent cables from friends, or The Cable Company..............Of interest, Kimber Bi-Focal is not a silver cable, it is all copper. The only silver Kimber speaker cables that I'm aware of, are 4AG, 8AG, KS 3035, KS 3038, and 88. Also, I have Purist Audio Colossus power cords; but as good as they are, I preferred the Synergistic Reference Coupler power cord, to all others I've tried with my Krell (including FIM and Shunyata). I'm holding out for a used one of sufficient length.......Also, I can't imagine why you would prefer using the Levinson linestage with the CD55 (instead of driving the amp direct with it), unless it is just really wimpy compared to the CD50 that I have. When driving either of my amps directly, mine has the dynamics of life, even of an "avalanche"!! Also reminds me very much of analog. It beats everything I've heard by a mile, systems costing many times what mine costs. It need only be left on a week or two, and then look out! It's astoundingly good. Perhaps you could sell your CD55 and 380S, buy a CD50, and spend the savings on some "real" cables, IMO.
karl: shame, shame, shame, shame, you're guilty, as admitted, of the offense you've charged so many polite and serious members of audiogon of committing. you've never had levinson (nee, madrigal) amps in your home but you can "imagine" they must sound spectacular with your over-priced, consriticting, veiled and sloppy mit ic's and cables? ha, ha, ha, ha. and,HA! karl, face it, you've heard almost nothing but your "astoundingly good system," which you've also said is "mezmerizing" [sic.]. time's long past for you to get out there, karl, and hear some other stuff (if there's anyone left whom you've not offended beyond forgiveness who will let you listen). YOU HAVE NO CREDIBILITY LEFT, KARL, NOT WITH ME AND NOT WITH MANY OTHERS WHO HAVE BEEN SO BOLD AS TO CHALLENGE YOUR VIEWS. the author of this post didn't ask about krell or mit. why do you think he cares? why do you think anyone cares? - your favorite "angry drunk."
I'm new here. Why so much hostility toward carl_eber? Sounds like he's pretty opinionated. Is there anything else I should know? Thanks.
Ze10, Carl is one of a number of people who interject thier opinion in threads where there opinion is not asked for. Read the request and first four posts. Lakefrontroad (LFR) is asking for specific help with a specific system. It stands to reason that while many people will read the request, we should hope that only people that have several components in the system or have experience with the pieces being considered would be the ones to reply. Carl does not own any of the pieces that LFR has, although he does have a piece by one of the manfacturers, yet he interjects his thoughts, essentialy instructing LFR to trade everything in. This does not help LFR at all and in fact probably frustrates him, I know it does me. The kind of post Carl made follows the old 10%/90% rule: 10% ruin it for the 90%. The only thing we can do is ignore opinions such as the one Carl provided and periodically blast him as Cornfedboy and Kendall43 did. The Carls of the world will never figure out that their opinion was not asked for in this specific case and will continue to post unsolicited responses and continue to be blasted. Their complaint will be that nobody likes them or that people are out to get them. But the truth is that they provided an opinion that was not appropriate. Ze10 welcome to the wonderful world of audio, enjoy it, ask questions, and listen, listen, listen.