cables for Talon Khorus

I am putting my system together and I am needing some input from the experienced members of audiogon.
I am needing help in finding cables that would complement my Khorus with the rest of my system.
My system consist of the following:
Jolida 100a CD player
Herron VTSP/100 preamp
I am researching my power amp right now and it is down to the Edge M8M or the Plinius 250 (would love some input for these two or other ss amps you know whould mate well with Khorus and Herron).
I listen to everything from Nora Jones to Blackhawk. I like my music a little bright(?), but I guess the bottom line is I just want to be able to be listen to all my wonderful music without fatigue and involving me into the emotion of the music.

Thank you in advance.
W barton hello, Mike Farnsworth of talon liked the kimber kable monocle-xl speaker cable running the khorus-x, and on his recommendation, I purchased them myself for my own khorus-x/2. I never looked back. Highly recommended..IMHO.. Also the Edge sound with Talon is a match made in "heaven".(Talon also voiced with Edge equipment)... I use Edge with my Talons also...(:^) hope this helps, good luck...
I've tried several different speaker cables, but settled in on the Virtual Dymanics Masters. They made a big difference in terms of dynamics, sense of air / space between instruments, and probably had the overall effect that you're looking for in terms of voicing the speakers more toward the upper registers. This is exactly what I was trying to achieve, and they were just the ticket. I had previously used Kimber 8TC but the Masters brought out some sparkle that the Kimbers seemed to mask a bit.
Sorry, it was implied (above) but not stated directly... but this is with the Talon Khorus, which were my main speakers for about 3 years. They're now in my 2nd system.