Cables for Totem, Bryston, Adcom, Rega

Just bought a pair of Totem Arro for my secondary office system. They'll be driven by a Bryston 4b-nrb amp, Adcom GFP750 pre, and Rega Planet 2000 CD player. Right now I've got really cheap Tara Labs speaker cables and monster interconnects (I know). I've had a lot of success with Synergistic Research interconnects in the past, but I don't know if they're a good match for this equipment. I've never had Totems before. Any cable brand suggestions would be helpful. -Dave
I've used the cable company before with good success. I was hoping to have some feedback and recommendations from agon members as well. Jgiacalo - have you used JPS Labs cables with this equipment before? Thanks. -Dave
The best I have ever heard Bryston electronics was with Synergistic Research Tesla cables at CES a few years back. Also The Cable Co. is an excellent way to audition cables in your system before you buy so I recommend you try a few different brands.
I have been using Alpha-Core MI2 speaker cables with my Bryston electronics for several years, and been very pleased with their performance. As for interconnects (when you are ready), it's hard to beat Kimber Hero's which do very little "wrong" and seem to mate well with almost every component out there. Your other option for moderately priced IC's is Nordost Blue Heavens.
I have used the JPS stuff with my Rega Planet 2000 and Bryston 4BST with very satisfying results. I also liked the sound with the Jupiter 2000 and now my Bryston BCD1. Still use the Bryston to power the bass on my VSA VR4JRs via JPS FXs from my McIntosh C2220 preamp. I use JPS Superconductor 2s between the C2200 and my MC275 tube amp. Really, REALLY open, dynamic clear-sounding rig. After trying Many of the big name cables my first impression after installing the JPS cables was of a clear, open channel between my soource and my ears. The music just seemed to flow effortlessly. I'm also using JPS AC cords.
As I've upgraded components the cables have stayed and I've not been disappointed in the least.
DNM reson ICs are an affordable minimalist, value-oriented design and different sounding from many others I have tried.

I use these, Harmonic Tech, and MIT ICs.

The DNM Resons are best for situations where the system might have a little edge or brightness to the sound and a less fatiguing but solidly imaged sound with good control is desirable.

Here is a reasonable assessment of them for consideration:

Harmonic Tech is very transparent and neutral. MIT is similar but adds a little more zest and excitement to the music when possible.