Cables & Merlin TSM-XMr

Okay, I'm going to try again....

I have a set of Merlin TSM-XMr speakers coming. I've got a Manley Stingray II breaking in as I type. I am also considering a Rega Apollo CD player.

But I really and truly don't want to spend a fortune on speaker wire, at least not at the moment. Bobby and several others have suggested Cardas wire that costs well over 1000 bucks! Ouch. Even if I go with 9 or 10 feet runs of Cardas SE9 it's a bunch of cash.

So, some people have suggested that the anti cables really work well. At least one fellow like them better than the Cardas. Still others like the Audience Au24 (they come up used quite a bit).

Now I know my system will sound great even with low end monster cable, but of course I'd like to start out on a "good" foot before I break the bank on some expensive wire I'll be disappointed in.

So let's hear from some Merlin owners, especially the TSM people!

Thanks in advance....again....

Tg Audio HSR speaker cables is what I've been happily running for 7 years now.
If I were you, I would start out with cheap Monster or equivalent. Then, after I'd had plenty of time with the system, and I felt certain everything was broken in, I would borrow some cables I could afford from the Cable Company.
Give the Grover Huffman cables a look at, Grover has a 60 day return on them, plenty of time to break in and audition. i would love to have a set of Basis cables but the pocket can't afford but these Grover's i am still breaking in are sounding pretty good so far.
I have the Merlin TSM-mme's. I have tried the following speaker cables. Cardas Quadlink, Audience AU24, Kimber 8TC, Supra Ply 3.4, Supra Rondo. The best sound is with the Supra cables. Supra PLY 3.4 in stereo with the jumpers from Merlin is very nice. I am now experimenting with the Rondo's in a biwire setup.
The Rondos may edge out the PLY. The Audience AU24 was dark and muted in sound quality compared to Supra and Cardas. The Kimbers were somewhere in the middle but not to my liking. My next cable experiment will be with Supra Sword after I save up for them.
One thing is for certain....there's not much agreement with speaker cable. This is probably due to different associated gear, rooms and ears!

I will start off with some Monster and Anti Cable and then after a good break-in, I'll try some more expensive stuff. Thanks for all the comments.