Cables more hype than value?

What are the opinions out there?
@Audiolabyrinth, that is an interesting concept, I don't think I've ever heard of someone that tunes their system around their cables. I'm not saying it is wrong, only different. There are many different paths to arrive at the same location.
Many times folks are accused of using cables as 'tuning devices' or 'band-aids'. In this case you are using the gear as a 'tuning device' or 'band-aid'. Since we all tune a system to suit our individual tastes. I find that many folks who swear by 'transparent' cables, use 'warm' components. While those that use 'warm' cables are using 'transparent' components. Like I said, their are many paths to get where you want to go. Enjoy.
Audiolabyrinth, Your name speaks volumes for your idea that cables are the standard around which components should be chosen. Once you've found that synergy between components, any change should be carefully chosen to match the values that interact between components lest you end up chasing your tail, wondering why this or that doesn't sound right and end up replacing one component after another, screwing up the equation.

The parameters you've settled on have a narrow window to experiment with and since you've spent a small fortune on cables, anything that's changed has to fall within those parameters or the magic is lost.

It's nice to know there's another way to skin this cat. :-)

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Most of you have probably messed around with more cables than I have. Yesterday, I was in a pinch for longer speaker cables to audition a different amp. Out of necessity I dug out 30 ft. of vanilla Monster Cable I had in a box from the early 90's. I cut it into 4 equal sections and used it to bi-wire my Vandersteen 5As with just the bare wire as terminations. My Audioquest K2s are monoblock length and wouldn't reach.

I'm not sure what it says about hype concerning cables but I'm shocked at how much I'm enjoying the sound conveyed by $25 worth of junk cable I haven't even thought about for 20+ years. At the very least, make sure the rest of your system is where you want it before you dump a boatload on cables.
Sonofjim, you broke one of the cardinal rules: One variable at a time! Apparently the new amp is an improvement with "junk", but functional, cable. As far as making an assessment about how "good" the Monster junk is compared to your regular cables, the only way is to listen to both cables with your old amp. Only one variable, and you know the sound of that amp.
02-18-13: Tobb
I stand to be corrected!
We did a test this weekend with an 800.00 pair of interconnects that a contact loaned us and a 60.00 pair.
I can hear the difference but it was not in favor of the 800.00 pair.

The $800 cable is highlighting flaws in your system/components so the less expensive is a superior match. You are building a SYSTEM of components and they all have to work/integrate well together.

If you put a Porsche engine in a Yugo, the extra hp and torque will highlight the chassis, suspension ... flaws in the Yugo. It doesn't mean the Porsche engine is bad and not worth the $ but just in a wrong system/car. So obviously the Yugo orig engine is better in a Yugo.

02-20-13: Bander
I wonder who's more fortunate, those whose hearing is so compromised that differences between cables can't be discerned or those like myself who have spent not a small amount of money on cables and experience huge sonic benifits. Can't we just all get along?

That's easy, I rather have a high resolution system where I can detect all changes than someone using a boom box or/and deaf.

02-21-13: Audiolabyrinth
@ rok2id,Hi, I do not want to make you angry like some of the other people on this forum,so please excuse me,It ...

I understand most members want to be respectful and not come across as snobs but you wasting your breath. You can talk all you want but unless they experience it for themselves, they will never believe you. This is TRUE with everything and not just Audio cables.

I'm into cars and some of my friends don't understand the fascination for Porsches. Once they experience driving one themselve, all agree their is NO SUBSTITUDE!

02-23-13: Almarg ... Concerning the broader issue that is being, um, discussed here, I would point out that a belief that cables can sound different, to which I subscribe, says nothing about the degree of correlation that can be expected between cable performance and cable price.

No kidding, what commodity does? Cars, clothing ... up to the individual consume to decide for themselves.