Cables of the past - which still rock?

As technology in cables seems to be a slow burner at best I'm wondering which you would consider excellent despite their age? 

Specifically I'll look to pick up some new speaker cables for my ARC + Focal Utopia set up. Wondering if it's worth buying older or should I just go for new!? 
I'd recommend buying used Acoustic Zen Silver Reference interconnects (I or II, but II marginally better), and Satori or Hologram speaker cables, which can be had for very reasonable prices, and then let something else knock them off the shelf.  IMHO, AZ cables are "straight down the fairway" audiophile cables.  Detailed but natural and tonally organic IME.  If something meaningfully betters used AZ wires for anything near the price, I'd say go for it.  System synergy and personal tastes obvious disclaimers here, but I think AZ is a great starting point for true, high-end cables. 
Audioquest Truth interconnects, air dielectric, silver or copper solid core. Controlled for directionality. Yeah, baby! They should have quit when they made those.