Cables that cost more than good loudspeakers

I just thought about it. It's still amazing that the high end comprises cables that retail for as much or more than a good set of loudspeakers. A few I noticed: Purist Audio Anniversary IC $8k, Siltech Compass Lake IC $12k, Tara Labs the Zero IC $13k, and Stealth Audio Dream PC almost $3k. I'm not even bringing up speaker cables. It's really crazy that quality high end speakers can cost less than a little wire. But the people who continue to buy these expensive cables because they can afford them, make these prices a reality in the market. If there weren't any buyers, then there wouldn't be these prices. When I got into this 5 years ago, I had no idea of this high end audiophile world.

My most expensive component will remain my speakers and they retailed for $5500.. Most of my world would say that's amazing and crazy too. I guess I need to drop it. It is what it is.
One way to view this topic is to break it down into 2 categories:

1. Passive equalization - one cable may emphasize bass more than another, etc etc.

2. Resolution access - no change in frequency response (or perception), instead noise floor is dropped and any hash or grain is lowered.

I find that the more expensive cables fall into the second category. You can look at components this way too, your 'reference class' components fall into the second category.
Before you spend big bucks $$$ on cables you might want to try some Crimson R.M. Music Link cables.....