Cables to settle brightness

Any suggestions on a cable brand for interconnects and power cables to settle down some brightness?

I have Wireworld at the moment which I might send back.

As I move up the food chain in my system it is getting higher resolving but the treble has gotten a bit forward for me.

I added a PS Audio PowerPlant which is greatly improved the SQ, but now the treble is a little too much. Now it might settle down with burn in, but I’m not sure.

Any suggestions?




Agree on first getting proper source components, sorting network issues, then using cables as the final touch. Speaking of same, I have a set of 1m Cardas Golden Reference XLR’s if they are of any use. Previous components sounded very good with them. My new mono blocs and networking tweaks allow for more revealing silver XLR’s.

While all of my former Cardas Golden Cross and Golden Reference interconnects  found new homes with owners of brighter sounding class A/AB solid-state amplifiers, the new "Clear" line from Cardas is notably different.

Then within the clear line, Cygnus, Reflection, Clear, Clear Beyond, each of these are different from each other. It’s not easy to recommend any of these without hearing someone’s system, speakers, and room. Makes TheCableCo’s loaner cable program a great way to go. Less guessing for those who don’t want to roll the dice.


Over the past few months, as I improved all aspects of the sound, I noticed it getting brighter and too analytical. I posed the question somewhere on this forum and was pointed at Duelund wiring. It’s very affordable, and won’t need plugs or jumpers, just bare wire, so easy to try.

I swapped out my TelluriumQ Ultra Black II speaker cable for Duelund Dual DCA12GA and am loving it. Admittedly, the TQ did excel in some areas, but crucially tone and musicality is far better, and at a tenth of the price. Overall, it’s a darker, warmer more intimate sound.

If you have a USB cable in your path, then I would recommend any of the David Laboga cables. Purist cables are also reportedly warm, especially the ones with fluid shielding (Neptune, Poseiden).

Otherwise, I’m mostly "there", though am still aware of too much sibilance from female voices. This improves however when I close the curtains (drapes), so I suspect the room is mostly at fault - hard floor, leather seating, windows etc. A family room with no scope for panels, diffusers and traps.

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Dual 12GA

This week I’m comparing two higher cost digital coax cables from two well known manufacturers. Neither are designed to be passive tone controls. One of the cables allows a little bit more to come through yet it’s smoother with absolutely no digital grain or etch - simply hearing more in a delicate way. Coat hangers need not apply.