Cabling Recommendations

Looking for your recommendations for connecting:

  • Focal Grande Utopia speakers
  • Naim Statement amps & preamp
  • Naim 555 streamer & 555 ps dr
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You could also speak to Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio as he owns the Focal’s also. 

Thanks for suggesting me Lalitk,   Audiogon notified me I was mentioned in a discussion.  

Mrrobot, I am available to speak if you wish.  My email is so we can set up a time.  If Audiogon blocks my email in this post, look at any of my ads here and its included.

Short reply for sake of this forum, There are a lot of cables that will work and each have a different tonal balance or personality.  Focal Grande EM are extremely high resolution and any cable that has a tendency to get “bright” can make listening unpleasant, at least to my ears.  Ideal is cable with superior bandwidth and dynamics but neutral to warm tonally.   Purist is what I use, you can view in my system, link provided by Lalitk

Definitely contact Focal and ask what the use or would suggest. NAIM might also give you some useful information.

All the best.