Cain & cain abbey vs Zu Druid

Has anyone compare the two? Looking to build a second sys with 845 SET or PP. Thanks
You may want to research the single driver speakers made from hemp. I own the omega maxhemps with triode corp. parallel SET monoblocs and can attest to their many strengths. I was told that the hemp driver is superior to fostex. I have never heard the fostex or Zu's so take my comment with a grain of salt.

I went from piega c-8ltd speakers and ss amplification to the single driver, SET amp setup and am very happy.

Haven't compared the two but can attest to Twc's comments about the parallel SETs.

A little history . . . after picking up the Zu Tones for my work office, I fell in love with the single driver sound and wanted to replicate the same in my home office.

Accordingly, I picked up the Micropure Kotaros (single 4" driver w/ Murata supertweeter) which is akin to the Zu concept, albeit, with a deliberately resonant cabinet. These have very little bass are paired with a REL sub. Like Twc, I picked up a pair of Triode Corp M300SEs (20W / channel). This is a wonderful pairing and I believe the two make a really nice second system.

If you get an oppurtunity, check the Triodes out. Again like Twc, I started with (and still have) a convential SS multi-driver (Focus Audio FS-888 & Audia Flight) system and it is wonderful in its own rite. That said, ever since the single driver bug bit, I find myself listening to the "1st" system less than before. It's a real blessing to have and enjoy two very different systems - keeps things interesting and is lots of fun.


Good luck with your search.

You may not be interested in this advice since you have narrowed your choices down. I have single driver speakers from

I have the Lowther 2.8 Ambience. You might consider giving then a call and describing what you are interested in.
never build a stereo around an amplifer. its the hi fi version of buying a car that favors a certain grade of gas.