Cain & Cain Abby , placement ,care and phase plugs

Two things. First I did not get or see any info with my Abby's(could have been lost). So is there a breakin time (I read from 100 to 400 hours?) , is placement critical, and what about the care of the Great looking & sounding speakers (wax them , with what?)? Second has anyone tried phase plugs with the Abby or is this just not a good idea? Jazz and Rock is what I like.

Pass Labs X250 ( I know not a SET)
Shanling CD-T100
AR LS3 PreAmp
Genesis Sub
Silver Audio Appassionata IC
Acoustic Zen Matrix IC
Acoustic Zen Hologram Speaker Cable
Virtual Dynamics 3 Power Cords
all IC,SC&PC treated with Silclear
Any suggestions would be great.

Thanks Creege
IMO the Abbeys are just getting listenable at 400 hrs! I would say 1500 hrs is more like it. I use lemon oil on the finish, Terry Cain recommends bowling alley oil. I haven't tried a phase plug but you could experiment with some hard paper or ? I've tried light foam or cotton around the outside of the "wizzer" with positive results. Placement is critical, if you use a sub, bring the Abbeys out into the room for better imaging and detail and they are not as boomy that way, also damping the cabinet by just putting something in the port seems to tighten up the bass if you don't go overboard. I think the reason a lot of people are turned off by the Abbeys is they have not heard them set up and broke in right. Hook em up to an old receiver tuned to a classic rock or hip hop channel on the tuner, wire them out of phase, face them towards each other, put a blanket over them and let them play at med loud level for a couple weeks straight, turning them off every couple of days for 8 hrs and then back at it. They will sound a lot different then. Try a 2A3 or 300B amp or the Almarro 205(800.) if you really want to hear what they are supposed to sound like. It will be a lot smoother sounding with a set amp. My Tripath chip amp with tube pre also sounds excellent with the Abbeys. Be patient, give em some time and then start enjoying. Have fun
I second Jalanc's response 100% - the Abbys take a long time to break in - I used the out-of-phase-blanket suggestion for three weeks while on vacation.

I have found them to be as critical to placement as any minimonitor I owned. Not having a rear port helps; they can be placed "close" to wall but should prefer to be moved out into the open a bit.

Trying a couple of different amps, I have to emphasize the importance of the amp match with the Abbys. I preferred the Fi 2A3 amp to other amps, but your taste might differ. The Pass should be a good start.

And most importantly - enjoy. They are beautiful in appearance and sound.

Enjoyed reading comments by Rene and Jalanc regarding the Abbys. I've got SuperAbbys and one Bailey and, after 44 years of owning all kinds of audio gear, I can honestly say that the Cains are by far the most enjoyable and rewarding speakers I've ever owned. Yes, I've heard and owned some wonderful (and expensive) speakers/equipment over the years, but I've never before experienced such an easy, open, and simple musical experience. I find that I can now ignore the audio components completely and just focus on the music. Sounds disingenuous, I suppose, but it's more true than not. I have no doubt that there are 100s of better speakers on the market (better amps, etc), but I have no need to think or worry about it. My SuperAbbys/Bailey are simply magical (in my listening room and with the audio equipment I'm using).