CAL alpha dac resistor values

Hello all,

im refurbishing my alpha dac. I can’t really tell what color bands resistors R112 and R122 have. Can anyone tell me what the values of these two resistors are?

Any help is greatly appreciated 



I found a high res image on the web, looks like R102 is 22Ω (red, red, black) and R122 is 100Ω (brown, black, brown).

However, the color code was quite different from the image which @dekay provided in the first post.

There were 18 and 24 bit versions.

I think that your pic is the 18, but not certain.

If you can make out the processing chips that would be definitive.



The 18/48 version uses Cirrus Logic Crystal CS4328-KP 18-Bit Stereo D/A Converter (per a blog @ Twittering Machines).

I could not come up with the converter used in the 24/96 version.