cal DX1 processor vs CAl Gamma or Creek

Any thoughts on the improvement (if any) of the Gamma or Creek DAC over the built in DAFC in the DX1. Thanks Dave
The DAC in the DX-1 is the same as the Gamma--or at least there was something similar.
I purchased a used DX-1 and a used Gamma DAC around the same time earlier this year--the DX-1 to replace a failing CAL Icon and the Gamma to "warm up" a Philips CDR unit, which it has done beautifully. I've since given away the DX-1 as I replaced it with a CAL Delta/Alpha combo playing thru a Jolida 302B integrated tube amp (beautiful). In the meantime, I had a month or so to A-B the DX-1 vs the Philips with the Gamma DAC. The Philips CDR unit is pretty basic sounding on its own, but the Gamma makes listening to CDs a pleasure as I copy from them. To make a long story shorter, I believe the onboard DX-1 DAC is identical (or nearly so) to the Gamma. Nevertheless, I preferred listening to the otherwise lousy Philips driving the Gamma marginally more than I enjoyed listening to the DX-1. It is a little smoother sounding yet has slightly more presence , imho.
Get a modded DI/O or a D'Ack and you'll never ask this question again. I use my DX2 as a transport only feeding into a modded DI/O. Far better sound.