Caladan Rumors and Insights

I placed an order for a pair of Caladans within 24 hours of the New Record Day video. Many of you have also placed orders, but things have been pretty quiet since then. So… Let’s share any information we’re picking up about the Caladans – date of first shipments, any reviews or insights, impressions if you heard them at Capitol Audiofest, and of course, let us know when you actually take delivery on a pair and what they sound like in your room. If there isn’t a new rumor by noon, we’ll need to start one!


I placed my order on October 26. 

As I understand it, the Caladans have not started shipping yet to anyone, but hopefully that will change soon. 

wester17, thanks just trying to figure out when my delivery might be based on website info and what folks have posted.  My order date was 12 Nov, so I am hoping (fingers crossed) that I am a Jan/Feb delivery.  I am sure the company is slammed with orders but I have been trying via email to have them confirm my wood selection change based on posted pics of the woods used after I placed my order.

Everyone is talking about the dates of when they ordered, but I am also curious about the order number.  When you checkout, it gives you an order number.  Where are folks at in regards to the date and order number? I am in early January and over 1000.

My number was 95. He has issues with PayPal, so I had to get them to refund the money, then used a credit card on his site. The speakers are supposed to be here April 3rd according to UPS.

My number was 85, and I went through the same PayPal hassles as you. They are now at full production so you should be getting yours soon. I received mine on Monday of this week. Be patient and give them lots of break-in time and you will be rewarded for your patience.