California Audio Show 2014

Just wondering what people's favorite rooms were. For me it was Margules Audio followed by Acoustic Zen.
The big "finds" for me at reasonable prices were the Triangle Signature Deltas at $8K and the Spatial Hologram M1 at $4K.
I liked the large room with all of the headphone demos. Maybe that's because I'm in the market for new phones. I liked all of the Audeze models, the Fostex 900s, and the Stax 007 and 009 models. The driver units were impressive, particularly the big Woo Audio models. Even Oppo is putting out a headphone. I was glad I attended because I got a chance to see products I may never have seen in local hi-fi shops.
The Loggie Audio room was fantastic! I also loved the Acoustic Zen room. I was pleasantly surprised how great some of the less expensive systems sounded. The live concert was a nice touch and the rocking AV room on the second floor reminded me just how fun this hobby is. Great show!