California Audio Show- a great time

I just retuned from two days at the show. In my opinion, the best audio show I have ever attended. The hosts were exceptionally friendly and played anything and everything listeners brought in. There are always some megabuck systems that sound stellar and this show was no exception, but I thought almost all the small rooms had great sound also. I'm going to say maybe 80 percent of the rooms were getting nice sound and that never happens in hotel rooms. I enjoyed meeting a lot of audiophiles who came to have a good time, hear some great music and dream of our next audio purchases. If you get a chance, go to this show. Constantine and his staff know how to throw a great party!
I also went to the show, but thought many of the rooms were too small. As a result, it was difficult to get a sweet spot, the sound was at times not integrated, and there was some bass issues - more than the typical show conditions which is already problematic. I very much like Evolution Acoustics speakers, but I end up listing to the right speaker about 2 to 3 ft from it - and of course, much less than ideal. I thought the MBL room was great.
My favorite rooms were Audio Note and MBL.

There a couple rooms which I thought had a lot potential but hindered themselves greatly with amps that weren't up to the level of the speakers.
This was my first audio show. So, I can't say how good it was compared to other events. But, it was a great experience and I look forward to going again. I thought many of the rooms had great systems. But there were 2 rooms that I had a hard time leaving. The first was the Audible Arts/Wells Audio room. The Usher mini II speakers being driven by a Wells Innamorata amplifier sounded fantastic! The second room, was the one with the Vivid speakers and the Luxman integrated. That system was delivering real music!

Went on Saturday for 9 hours. Had never heard any Magico speakers until then and found the Q1's to be my favorite of the show. They're the replacement for the Mini II, cheaper and have better driver's.

Went to the Margules room and walked out when I saw who they were(a long story from nine years ago. I'll just say that they can kiss my ass).

Chatted with Peter Madnick formerly of Audio Alchemy about his $140k monos, $60k preamp and the lesser range of components that only go for $20k a piece.

The Vivid room was nice, finally got to hear the BADA Dac and chatted with the guys from Music Lovers and Musical surroundings about a former dealer from Sacto that is now out of business because of shady dealings he had going on.
Do Q1 have better stands look better have better Xover than MINI 2 still a classic.