California Audio Show ths wknd bttr than expected

If you live in the SF Bay Area, I encourage to attend the show today or tomorrow (7/31-8/1) in Emeryville. It's a small show, as first-year shows tend to be, but it exceeded my expectations with several excellent rooms. Only if people attend in decent numbers this year is there a chance for this to be a regular event, which would be a great thing. Lots of local companies not showing this year but if the show does well, maybe they will next.

Congratulations to Constantine Soo.
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That was a good one. The duet with Anouar Brahem on oud and another musician on a bass clarinet. CD - ECM 2075.

We had debut Simon Yorke S10 with Convergent Audio's Pre amp& Amp.I chose to use the Quads 2805 because the are tonally honest and affordable, just to show you can how a great turntable and amplification can be used with an affordable speaker. The Quads were in a rather small room 12x18, being a dipole with a large 10 feet by 8 feet tall window behind was not ideal but show conditions are such. I though we got about 65% of the sound the system was capable of which not bad. Several attendees told me it was there favorite room of the show... so for that it was all worthwhile. Thanks to all who took the time to come in for a listen.

I attended the California Audio Show and, except for the A Capella room, did not hear much music that would satisfy me in the long run. I go to trade shows for the total experience; unfortunately, really good music is not always a part of it. However, almost always there are a few exhibits that deliver good music, too. If this show returns next year, I will go again.

It seems to me that your observation about the sound quality is true generally for all of the shows I have attended. I think the source of the problem lies in the hotel rooms as well as in the equipment set-up. Typically the rooms are small boxes with a lot of reflective surfaces and little room remediation treatment. Under the best conditions, it's hard to make a system sound coherent, transparent, balanced, etc. Trade shows do not provide the best conditions.
Thanks for the feedback Cedar. We agree on the room with the Acapella's. Phenomenal sound stage, with front to back layering like I've never heard ... except maybe at a real concert! Then again, one might expect that from a system that costs nearly $200K. As mentioned earlier it was in one of the larger rooms. So that was probably a factor as well.

As far as the show, honestly I was reluctant to go because of a fear I might contract a good case of "upgrade-itis". Instead it was a chance to see/hear some nice equipment and to meet with like-minded folks; and I still feel pretty good about my own system.
funny you mention, "still feel pretty good about my own system"....I felt the same way. I went home, and powered up and listened to my gear and was happy. I think part of the reason is my gear is about 1/20th the cost of some of the show systems but still providing me lots of enjoyment.