Calix speakers - anyone heard them?

This Taiwanese company makes some pretty cool looking speakers for both 2 channel and HT. Has anyone seen or listened to these speakers?
I heard their flagship model, the $65,000.00 one at the audio show in new York in 2001. To my ears, it was easily the best sound at the show. I'm not sure how many people heard them though because they were stuck in a room down at the end of a long hall. They were recently reviewed in Stereophile I believe to a very favorable review. They sounded simply incredible. If I had that kind of scratch, they would be my choice.

The address above is an okay review. Mr. Bolin finds a few things wrong and it is not very sensitive (85dB), but he also seems to like them. It does not look very good with all of the comb filtering, but if you sit at the right distance in a null . . . who knows? No one around me sells these things, but to me they look kinda evil in a good way.
They had a Vyger Indian turntable playing at that show. I remember finding some friends at the show and dragging them down the hall to hear that incredible setup. Yes, one of my votes for best sound at the show. Don't remember what amps were used, but they were tubed.

From what I remember the Calix had a sound that I believe horn lovers would appreciate. However, there was none of that tunnel vision sound at all. Very smooth and cohesive with lots of dynamics and detail. Yes, there was soundstaging too, which I find I don't hear in most horn systems. And they look damn cool.

"The address above is an okay review." OK review? Why is it class than in "A" in recommended components list?
Here is what we wrote about them at the Stereophile show in S.F. They have a lot of potential and the desired listening position is in the far field.