Calling all acoustic guitar fans...

I've always liked the sound of acoustic guitar on my system. Currently in heavy rotation in my system now:
1. Sounds of Wood and Steel #2 (Windham Hill)
2. Sounds of Wood & Steel #3 (Windham Hill)
3. Eric Clapton Unplugged
4. Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (live extra disc in Some Devil CD)

I'm looking for direction from you guys on other well recorded selections, let me know your thoughts.

Also -- Stephen Stills, Stills Alone. This is just Stills and an acoustic guitar. Stills is in his gritty, swampy, backwater mode, picking his guitar and singing with a whiskey aged voice. Great songs, great picking, and
great sonics. Check it out.
Norman Blake, "Whiskey for Breakfast", n Rounder Records. I have the LP, and it is incredible. Utterly true to the sound of the instrument, no compression of dynamincs or bandwidth, and virtuouso, tasteful playing. Really terrific. Can't speak for the CD release, and doubt it's quite as good. Also, Vanguard releases of Doc Watson tend to sound great.

Some older acoustic guitar LP's that I have combine both great music and top-notch recording are:

Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in the Dragons Jaws (sound quality is unbelievably good)

Leo Kottke - A Shout Toward Noon (obscure recording that has survived my rotation on and off for well over a decade)

Muddy Waters - Folk Singer (a classic)

I have about 40 original Kicking Mule LP's with a variety of obscure artists. Some of them sound great - they were clearly single mic'ed and deliver some real warmth. If you want some names, I can go make a list.