Calling all electricians for advice on wiring home

I am about to have an electrician in the area install a dedicated line from my electrical panel to 2 outlets I use for my audio and video gear. I am wondering if there are important considerations for wiring choice (gauge?), breakers, and other things to consider. Just want clean uninterrupted power without the fridge, rheostats, etc on the circuit. How would you do it up? I would think it is very straight forward but wanted to consult you guys. Thanks. Dave
My advise is to listen to Albertporter.

I just had my house wired with dedicated circuits.
I used 10/2 romex. And yes, my electrician bitched and moaned about how difficult it was using the 10 gauge wire too!

And since Albert won't push his own products here, I will.
His Porter Ports are worth the money to use. (And if not his, than use something similar, like the PS Audio Power Ports.)

It is worth putting in the dedicated circuits. I definitely noticed a blacker, darker background and better bass response.

BTW, you should do more than 2 outlets if you are doing both Audio and Video, IMHO. I did three circuits (each with two outlets) just for my Audio system. (One for my Amps, One for my Analog Equipment, and One for my Digital Equipment. It is important to get all the digital equipment off the lines that serve the rest of your Audio gear.)

Good Luck!
I am getting ready to do my place as well, had an electrician friend over 4 dinner the other night, and he will connect the work in the box for me if I run all the wires, a good deal. Any way, its worth doing from the feed back I got when I posed the question, and I cant wait to hear the difference for myself. Good luck on your project.
I put in three 10 ga Romex dedicated lines myself. It's not difficult, surely not rocket science, but if you are not mechanically inclined, wiser to let an electrician do it (safety). Be sure that the electricity is off.

The hardest part (for this old man), was crawling 40 feet in a very tight crawl space, and digging two trenches in lava rock, for the two 8' dedicated ground rods. The only real pain with using 10 ga wire is when terminating the ends (stiff wire), and getting them to cooperate sharing space in the small electrical baxes - Ha!

I terminated each dedicated line with Porter Ports - very worthwhile.

As for the sub-panel, I used a 12 circuit breaker box, and connected my three lines into breakers 1, 5, and 9 - i.e.:

1 - 2
3 - 4
5 - 6
7 - 8
9 - 10
11 - 12

Same side, but every other row, so that they are same phase.
Damn Shventus!

What you went through to install your circuits sounds similar to Navy SEAL training.

To liven things up next time you decide to crawl under your house, make sure to set up some barbed wire barriers and have your wife hide a few claymore mines in random spots.

Better yet, hire Slappy!
Thanks Gunbei,

I sure felt like I was going through some military basic training (Marines, Navy Seals, BUDS, etc.), but I think that it was real enough, I'll pass on the barbed wire, live firing, explosions, and hidden claymores. It was so tight, dark, and humid under my house, here in the tropics, when my knees landed on sharp lava rocks, I thought that I HAD unearthed a claymore. My back didn't forgive me for days - Ha!