Calling all Marantz Ruby owners


I am curious what speakers other Marantz PM KI Ruby integrated amp owners are using in their systems? To date I have connected Monitor Audio Gold 100, Bowers & Wilkins 705 S2, and I currently run KEF LS50 Metas.

I like the KEF the best of the three so far. I am interested to learn what others feel works well for them? Has anyone tried the Dynaudio, Sonus Faber, or Focal? One of those may be next for me...

I appreciate your feedback!


Marantz pair well with Wharfedales...I ran a pair with a Marantz Pm14s1 integrated and to me it sounded great. I'm hanging on to my 14s1, as it was the last class AB integrated made by Marantz. Your Ruby, although very nice I'm sure, turns me off being a class D amp. 

I realize this was posted quite some time ago, but I’ll provide my answer anyway. I use my Ruby pair with Spendor A7 speakers. I think they sound great. 

Thank you for this information. I've wanted to try Spendors for some time. Glad to learn of a positive experience.

I've since sold the Marantz PM KI Ruby and moved to the Denon PMA A-110 anniversary integrated with my KEF LS50 Metas and really like this pairing.

All the best!