Calling all Panzerholz Aficionados

This marks my first journey into the Analog domain. My question is for all those who know about the engineered wood material, panzerholz. I'm a digital guy, and over in the digital section, no one seems to have discovered the virtues of panzerholz for digital audio. Hence my journey here, where panzerholz plinths abound. I have some panzerholz left over from my audio stand project and I can't quite decide how to use it. Any suggestions?

Dimensions of panzerholz left over (all 40mm thick):
1. 40" x 8.5"
2. 30" x 9.75"

My ideas:
- platform for my floorstanding loudspeakers (two 18"x15")
- platform for subwoofer (21"x18")
- platform for future additional components (29.5" x 20" (matches two of my other audio stands)

I thought about making bases to screw component circuit boards into, but I don't think I want to get into that mess. After all, my audio stand platforms will all be panzerholz, and all of my components are dampened with Dynamat (where applicable).

Anyway. Suggestions welcome.


i have a d.i.y. rack with 4 x 20mm thick Panzerholz B25 shelves, & a double-thick (40mm) top-shelf.

top-shelf supports nearly 350lbs (Vibraplane 2210 + Micro Seiki SX5000 t/t with mods, motor & HS80 flywheel).

i've not done comparisons / do not know what sonic character Panzerholz imparts, but this material seems very inert & strong (shelves do not sag unlike some "high-end" racks i've owned).