Calling Owners of Wireworld Platinum Eclipse 8 XLR

Did you compare the Silver Eclipse 8 XLR to the Platinum Eclipse 8 XLR? What would be the differences? I currently have the Silver Eclipse 8 XLR in my system and it sounds splendid. Almost perfect, but I'm wondering.


From what I heard between the Eclipse 8 and Silver Eclipse 8 and taking in to consideration your recent inquiry , I would give the Platinum a try it just may put your cable quest to rest for a while. How are the Silver's settling in ?,

Thanks. It's very good. I believe it's fully broken in at this point but the new Furutech DPS4.1 / FI-50 NCF (R) mains power cable which I got about two weeks ago is still in the process of breaking in. There were ups and downs but it's sounding a lot better now. Everything matters with cables, including the connectors of power cords!



I am looking forward in reading more about Acrolink v. Furutech v. Wireworld cables/cords in your System.  Season's Greetings!


Happy Listening!