Calling PassLabs 350.5 owners.

I now have lived with my Pass 350.5 for four and half months in my system and still marvel at its many sonic atributes. It really is a beautiful sounding amp with no apparent deficiencies. I know there is no perfect amp, including the 350.5, but I can't think of anything I would want from an amp in my system that the 350.5 doesnot provide. I would appreciate if other GON members who own this amp would share their current impressions of its performance in your system now that you have lived with for awhile and has it lived up to your initial impressions of its performance or revealed some weaknesses to your ears.
My 350.5 has been in my system for just over two months. It now has about 180 hours on it and I too am thrilled with the performance. When coupled with a Pass Labs X-0 preamp, the noise floor is at ground zero and music is sweet and very tube like in musicality. I'm not saying that this amp has the same bloom as a Conrad Johnson, but it is very similar to many nuetral sounding tube amps like ARC with better bass response as it effortlessly drives my Dunlavy SC-4a speakers. It is definately a keeper.
I also have a 350.5 coupled with an XO.2 driving a Tyler Woodmeres. Wow, what a match made in heaven. When I added the .5 series my whole system disappeared. All that is left is an incerdibly effortless wall of music. This combo is just fun to listen to. I've had mine since November (think it was about one of the first shipped). It takes about 300 hours to reach full bloom. I can't get over how effortless and involving the system sounds. Each CD is a new experience. Have fun.