Cambridge 840C Azur through a Bryston BDA-1 DAC?

Hi Folks,

I currently have the Cambridge player, and like it very much. I'm running it through a Bryston BP26p pre w/ phono stage and a Bryston 3BSST amp, Acoustic Zen speaker cables and XLR interconnects, and a pair of Daly Euphonia Mk 5 speakers. I do not currently have a DAC in the system, but having been reading all the raves about the new BDA-1, and am wondering if it's worth the investment, given the fairly well-regarded DAC capabilities inherent in the Cambridge. Would this be gilding the lily / a waste of $$$ (minimal ROI), or a great way to go? And if the latter, what does everyone recommend in terms of an optimal interconnect (from DAC to pre)? I've been looking at the Green Hornet SPDIF, but am open to suggestions.

Any thoughts will be greatly appreciated. BTW, I'm still a few years out from taking the server plunge, but am resigned to integrating one at some point, when I know this DAC would be more of a necessity. For now, I'm mostly interested in getting a sense of how much it will really do to improve CD playback, given my current transport. cheers!
agree with mapman--adding a dac to the cambridge (which has great inboard dacs and is actually sought after because of its digital input feature) would be overkill. i'd use the money on something else, like cds or beer--you'll get more discernible pleasure.
I concur with Mapman and Loomis.I have heard the 840c on several systems and it sounded great on all of them.The beer and cd sugguestion is very sound also!!!!
How about some opinions from members who own a Bryston BDA-1.....Did you ever own the Cambridge and what transport are you currently using to feed the Bryston?
I've never owned the Cambridge, but I have owned a bunch of other DAC's and Bryston has been the best in my system.