Cambridge Audion Azur 840 C problems

Hi, I have a Cambridge Audio 840-c C-D player that plays fine when first turned on, but after a while the audio will cut out, than come back on, than cut out again at a fairly consistent rate. Approximately 3 seconds off, than 5 seconds on over and over. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks for your help.


"There is a problem with some of the caps on a couple of the circuit boards that can be corrected with replacement. Contact Audio Plus Services for more info."

Yes they are the ones I sent something off too and they were great to work with.  Reasonable(to me) and great with communication.


Thanks for all the feedback, it's much appreciated. I had this same problem with this same machine a year ago. Than for no apparent reason it started worked fine again, until now so I took the top off and played a c-d so that when it started acting up again, I could see if the laser was going on and off in conjunction with the sound going on and off.  But I could not see the laser as it was playing, even with a small mirror. I also couldn't get it to act up again, even after several hours of playing. So I put it back in the system and so far it has been working fine. I did clean the laser lens with a cue tip and a liquid lens cleaner before doing so, and It seems to read the c-d's a lot quicker now.

I was also having intermittent trouble with the tray not opening and closing properly, but so far that seems to be working fine as well. I don't know what to make of it.

One afterthought, when the sound would go off, and than on again, it would pick up from where it left off, almost as though you hit the pause button on the remote. I wonder if the problem might lie in that area.

Hey Gary.  Did you ever get this issue fixed and/or figure out what it was that was causing the issue?