Cambridge CXN V2 or Innuos Pulse Mini?

These two streamers popped up in a few recent threads and got me thinking about upgrading my Bluesound Node, so I would appreciate some advice.

Both are in the $1200 range which is about all I’m willing to spend on digital at this time, so I’m wondering which one I should get and will the difference in SQ be significant, or should I stay where I am for now? (My understanding is the DAC is key to good SQ, but I know zero about DAC brands/specs)

  • I stream only, mostly Tidal, then SirusXM, and I am auditioning QoBuz
  • I don’t care about MQA
  • I don’t need file storage or CD ripping
  • I’m reasonably happy with the BluOS app
  • Better library / favorites management would be nice
  • Input is ethernet cable
  • Output is analogue / RCA

Thank you!


I have no comparison, but am happy with the Cambridge. Being part of several audiophile forums, I read up quite a bit on streamers. Steve Deckart, owner of Decware uses the CXN as his reference and swears by it. Members there use it as well. so I tried it and it sounds great. Started with Apple Music, which requires the StreamLogic app to stream Airplay. I thought it sounded pretty decent. Had some skips due to streaming via Wi-Fi, guessing that was the cause. Now I ran a land line and have Tidal, which the cxn is ready for so no app required. Sounds fantastic. 

@earthbound   I agree. Besides, Dan at Modwright wouldn't waste time on modding anything that wasn't a good fit for his expertise. 

I used to have the Bluesound Node and a CA DacMagic.  It sounded pretty good.  I switched to a small green computer ultraRendu, which sounded much better than the Node and works well with Roon.  I then got a Denafrips Pontus II DAC and the combination sounds very good.  I would suggest adding an external DAC first, then go from there.  It’s a fun journey

@drmuso I understand your perspective. Check out my virtual system - I think you will agree the Node is the weak link. Should I spend $1200 on a new streamer or an external DAC to enhance my $500 digital investment (not including interconnects) is the question. I may be disappointed.

Anyway, I appreciate all of the thoughtful and very helpful points of view.

Hey Knighttodd. I think you’re right regarding Dan. I had the mod done and finally put Amperex in last week. It’s a different dac now. Much happier. I also have the Topping d90 for the more accurate, perhaps digital sound. Nice to have each end of the spectrum. Going to run the tube dac for January and let it break in.