Cambridge CXN V2 or Innuos Pulse Mini?

These two streamers popped up in a few recent threads and got me thinking about upgrading my Bluesound Node, so I would appreciate some advice.

Both are in the $1200 range which is about all I’m willing to spend on digital at this time, so I’m wondering which one I should get and will the difference in SQ be significant, or should I stay where I am for now? (My understanding is the DAC is key to good SQ, but I know zero about DAC brands/specs)

  • I stream only, mostly Tidal, then SirusXM, and I am auditioning QoBuz
  • I don’t care about MQA
  • I don’t need file storage or CD ripping
  • I’m reasonably happy with the BluOS app
  • Better library / favorites management would be nice
  • Input is ethernet cable
  • Output is analogue / RCA

Thank you!



I’m not familiar with the components you have, so I can’t really judge if the Node is actually the weakest link. But some Audiogoners and pro reviewers have compared the Node’s performance to much pricier streamers (the TAS review of the Node 2 said it was comparable to streamers with an extra 0 behind the price; and I believe the newer Node is significantly better than the Node 2 in SQ).

If you’re dissatisfied with the BluOS app, that might be a good reason to upgrade; on just a sonic basis, I suspect if you went for a used, high-performing DAC you would be more likely to hear a benefit than upgrading the streamer.

Also, consider upgrading the PSU of the Node;  I just got an email from Vinshine Audio about their upgrade:



I’m not familiar with the components you have, so I can’t really judge if the Node is actually the weakest link.

An honest statement - but to put in perspective, the Node is 1.5% of the total investment. (I realize cost isn't everything but the rest of the system is pretty sweet)

I've decided to add the Black Ice tube external DAC to the Node - they offer a 45 day no risk trial.

Thanks a lot for the link to the Node PSU upgrade - I will definitely take a hard look at it. Voiding the warranty is a minor concern. btw I emailed back and forth with Alvin as the Denafrip ARES 12th was on my short list. He seems honest and definitely responsive. I may end up with the Dena if the Black Ice doesn't do it for me. 

A correction to my last post.  The video from Vinshine Audio is about an LPS upgrade that apparently is made neither by them/Denafrips or by Bluesound.


I thought about moving away from the Node and ended up getting a better DAC and a better USB cable.