Cambridge D500SE CD player platter problems

My D500SE CD player (maybe 3 years old) has a problem with the platter not opening. Sometimes it opens using the remote; other times it doesn't. It never opens anymore from the machine itself. I have to resort to hitting it hard on the top, which I know ain't good for its long term health. Anyone know what I can do to get that platter opening regularly? I carefully put some tuner clearer on the "runners" of the platter using a q-tip but it didn't help. I had heard about reliablity problems with the Cambridge brand back when I bought it.

It sounds like the motor (shed motor-?) is shot. If this is the case, your options are the usual suspects and depend on how your wallet is doing these days ... get it fixed; buy a new one; hurl the old one from a moving car; etc.

Sorry that I don't have a better prognosis.

Regards, Rich