Can 24/96 downloads be burned to DVD discs?

My present digital player cannot stream or be used as a DAC. I feel I am missing out on some good music (Linn, 2L RR) available as downloads. Can I be confident that WAV 24/96 downloads, saved to my PC, can be burned to DVD blanks which should be playable on the AYRE C5xeMP?  (Eventually, of course, I plan to save these downloads to something like a Bluesound disc to play through a DAC.)
DVD Video format, which I think what lplex supports will do linear PCM at 24/96.  Your player supports DVD-Audio which can go up to 24/192.
Yes, the AYRE can play DVD-A up to 24/192. It also plays the Classic Records DADs which are 24/96 PCM (without MLP). The more recent Classic Records have a 24/96 side and a 24/192 side (not sure it it is with MLP). I am hoping that a 24/96 WAV download file to my PC can be drag and dropped to a blank DVD disc with the CD/DVD burner without the need for a translator software, and then be playable on my AYRE. Has anyone done this?