Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet?

I am curious about improving my sound with power cable upgrades.

At present, I'm using a setup which Almarg (RIP) used and which he recommended to me:

Wall outlet (hospital plug)
Audience Adept Response-ar2p power conditioner
Wiremold strip w/ Shunyata defender

I use Pangea AC 9 SE and AC14 SE cords, at present.

This setup has been quiet and hum free. 

Still I'm curious about whether better power cables might make some improvements, here or there.

The question is, whether any improvements a power cable could bring would be blunted or nullified by the setup I'm presently using.

Any thoughts?

Those who say power cables never matter, please go watch a cute cat video instead of posting here, please.



@lalitk You must be a dream customer for a saleman.

To explain my comment, the pangea has everything I look for in a power cable, but it can usually be found for less.   

You want to expain what features you look for in a power cord that are so obviously superior?

All good purity cables, if properly insulated and wound, will enhance the sound quality no matter where you are in the chain.  They help to properly align and pace the electrons passing through.  At least I think that's what Henry Kloss said.

Gentlemen I have built some not so expensive pc's using Furutech's totl diy brand cable and plugs, and I have three Analysis plus oval's installed also, replaced one of those cords plugs with ncf furutech's. I made so many system changes at once that it would've been impossible to tell much of a difference. The Furutechs rhodium turned out to be bright at first, several years later they've mellowed. 

My plan is to work backwards and replace these using the cheap freebie power cords starting somewhere idk where yet, to really see if I can hear much of a difference. And I'll be honest with myself if I lose detail. You think this is a viable approach? I tried to put my system on here but couldn't figure out how, without that it's hard for people to comment! 

Also I plan on building he helix cords and compare them