Can a better power cable make a difference if NOT plugged directly into an outlet?

I am curious about improving my sound with power cable upgrades.

At present, I'm using a setup which Almarg (RIP) used and which he recommended to me:

Wall outlet (hospital plug)
Audience Adept Response-ar2p power conditioner
Wiremold strip w/ Shunyata defender

I use Pangea AC 9 SE and AC14 SE cords, at present.

This setup has been quiet and hum free. 

Still I'm curious about whether better power cables might make some improvements, here or there.

The question is, whether any improvements a power cable could bring would be blunted or nullified by the setup I'm presently using.

Any thoughts?

Those who say power cables never matter, please go watch a cute cat video instead of posting here, please.



@thyname  "or get an engineering degree"

Already done.

"It’s a bit of stretch to say all USB hubs are already galvanically isolated"

I didn't say all,   But no doubt some manufacturers will put their name on an average USB hub, put a nicer case on it and sell it for a lot of money to convince you it has some advantage over the ones you can buy for $30.


You are correct, some people will definitely prefer the Rhodium plating over the gold plating; and yes it will be system dependent and listener dependent. I am extremely sensitive to differences (notice I didn't say faults) in higher frequencies, which to me can be tiring in longer listening sessions. Either way, both were large improvements over the hospital grade that the electrician installed initially.

I have tested a bunch of receptacles in my system in the last few years, and some didn't work out: Pangea Premier XL, Furutech FPX, PS Audio PowerPort, Oyaide SWO XXX, etc.....but many of these might be improvements for some, and at a more affordable price

Some made really nice improvements, that I would happily recommended: Furutech GTX-D gold and rhodium, Oyaide R1, and Cardas 4181.....all of these are $150 to $250 each, not cheap.

Happy listening all!

Great advice, here. Summing up:

I will ask Audience their opinions about cords.

I will not try a slightly better cord. I will step up significantly to try something much better.

I will try both via the conditioner and straight to the wall.

I will try things one at a time, with different components, to see where the greatest differences lie.

I will not hesitate to call "no difference" if the difference is not forcefully present.

I understand better that "noise" is not always the overt, obvious kind. This is about the differences made to the background, which may already be fairly quiet but when it's made even quieter, the audible sounds will improve as a result.

Additional notes:

My wall outlets are "Porter Ports." They're supposed to be pretty good.

My Audience plugs directly into the wall. There is no place to insert a cord, there. The wiremold strip plugs into the audience and then serves everything.

So, there may already be something to improve, there.

In my new room, I hope to plug things in, thus:

Dedicated outlet #1 — monoblock amps (left and right)
Dedicated outlet #2 — source components (streamer and DAC and CD transport)
Dedicated outlets #3 — subwoofers 1, 2, 3

Power cables do not make a differrence.


Until you plug it in and turn on your components =D