Can a Hana SH cartridge be set up as either MC and MM?

Can I use the MM settings on my phono stage (It offers both MC and MM) capability with my Hana SH cart which is
2 mv output?
So for the last 2 years it's been setup as a MM cart? I thought it was setup as a MC cart. Thank you.
I think I understand your question TEP.
MM - 60 db
MC - 75 db
Those are unusually high numbers for a phono stage. Perhaps the "phono stage" includes a line stage as well, even if the manufacturer refers to it as a phono stage.

What specific make and model is it? When asking questions about equipment setup it’s usually a good idea to provide that information at the outset.

Also, what does "TEP" stand for? There seem to be lots of possibilities :-) I see that Thorens used to produce a model called the TEP 302, but its specified gains are 40 db MM and 60 db MC, which roughly speaking are the kinds of numbers most phono stages provide for the respective cartridge types.

-- Al

as yogiboy suggests, the Hana SH is a MM level output cartridge and should be used into a MM input (40db gain, 47k ohms).

here is a helpful Absolute Sound review by Andre Jennings of the 4 Hana cartridge choices that explains the different gain of the different models.

i own two of the top-of-line models from Excel Sound, the Etsuro Gold. best cartridge i have heard at any price. Excel Sound makes great cartridges.
you’re right. It’s a Jolida JD 9 II Phono Preamp.
OK. And I see in its description that one of its two outputs is referred to as "line stage," which is undoubtedly the output to which the high gain numbers (60 db MM; 75 db "MC High," 85 db "MC Low") apply.

The other output, designated "RIAA," most likely provides more typical gains for a phono stage, such as those I and Mike referred to. Which output is best to use depends on the gains and sensitivities of the rest of your system, and there’s no harm in trying it both ways as long as you are careful to not have your volume control cranked way up during initial experiments with the line stage output.

In any event, I agree with Yogi and Mike regarding your initial question.

-- Al