Can a Hana SH cartridge be set up as either MC and MM?

Can I use the MM settings on my phono stage (It offers both MC and MM) capability with my Hana SH cart which is
2 mv output?
Chakster, I guess ignorance on my end. I provided my equipment info to an authorized dealer, and he recommended the EH model. As it turns out, the EH cart sounds very good to me. So I never looked back. Thanks for making look back.
I've got mine set up as MC on my LFD LE phono stage, which offers 63db gain on that setting. No issues. 
Yes - typo. It offers 53 and that's plenty through my Pathos mk3 Classic, which powers 140w into 4ohm Spatials. I had it on the MM setting but it wasn't dynamic enough.