Can a system sound too Holographic?

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So I got a question for those interested. For me, having a 2 channel system with a Holographic soundstage is very desirable.

I bring this up because I had lent some Centerstage 2 footers ( isolation devices) to a friend to try out. To make a long story short, he likes what they are doing under his Lumin T3, however he mentioned that it might be "Too Holographic". I don't know about you guys and gals, but that wouldn't really be a problem for me. Your thoughts or experiences please. Anyone experience a soundstage that was too Holographic?


The only, truly holographic imaging I ever experienced was at Acoustic Image, back when Eliot Midwood has his storefront down on Ventura Blvd. I was so taken by it that I stood up and tried to move around the images. They stayed stable but lessened in intensity as I neared them and tried to go around them but the ones further away stayed put. It was the most surreal experience I've had and like @mapman mentioned, the MBLs come pretty darn close. Listening to them takes me back to that day at Acoustic Image.

It must have been the synergy of the gear, room and speaker placement but it was a joy to behold. So, no, one cannot have too much of a holographic event as it just completes the magic needed to thoroughly enjoy the music.

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For sure the design of the speakers help a lot too...

I just made a search of MBL speakers, i did not know them and the design is amazing... I dont doubt in a good room that holography will be stupendous...


The complete MBL systems cost 500,000 bucks...

i was proud of my holographical room, way less better but costing nothing..,. i must not look at these MBL systems because i already had a glimpse of holography and nothing beat this immersiveness..

The only cheap way to gain this soundfield is the virtual room systems of Dr. Choueri BACCH filters system for something near 10,000 ...



saying one's stereo imagining is "too holographic" is to me about as sensible statement as "one's bank account is too rich." it makes me scratch my head.