Can a system sound too Holographic?

Hi friends :)

So I got a question for those interested. For me, having a 2 channel system with a Holographic soundstage is very desirable.

I bring this up because I had lent some Centerstage 2 footers ( isolation devices) to a friend to try out. To make a long story short, he likes what they are doing under his Lumin T3, however he mentioned that it might be "Too Holographic". I don't know about you guys and gals, but that wouldn't really be a problem for me. Your thoughts or experiences please. Anyone experience a soundstage that was too Holographic?


A sounfield must be coherent...

And the cables and amplifier and speaker help for the holography indeed , but a coherent holography is an ACOUSTIC phenomenon FIRST AND LAST coming if the speakers/room is optimized... ....Not a disturbing artefact...

But we can create artificial holography for sure, a compaqny i will not name sell devices that do that artificial "holographical sound effect" i am not interested by that kind of "tweaks"...I am in mechanical room  acoustic or electronic BACCH filters which are natural recreation of the recording soundstage in a "virtual room holography  " with no degradation of timbre instruments...

if someone do not want to tune his room to create a natural holography, the Cgoeri BACCH filters do that and IT IS NOT ARTIFICIAL TRICK...Read about it...


iirc, the Center Stage footers takes an extended period of sonic ups and downs until finally settling - did your friend wait long enough before making an evaluation? 


I agree with your friend. A soundstage that is too holographic is not natural. Music emanating from a live soundstage is never too deep or wide.

In the 1930's Bell Labs determined that the best simulate the sound of an orchestra in a concert hall with proper acoustics, there should be three channels, the center channel playing the sum of right and left channels. Magnepan did listening tests with untrained audiences who preferred the sound of an orchestra in three channels. A center channel which has buffered inputs from the left and right channels is the way to do this.