can an arm be replaced for a denon TT

I purchased, as a second TT to my Technics SL 1300 mkII, a Denon DP 45. When I brought it to a local specialty store to have a cartridge installed, I was told that the arm has a shot wire and I should dump the machine (they said the amount of work involved was not worth the effort). Can it be replaced or fixed, and is it worth it? It seems to return properly, and I only paid $50, but still, I am disappointed. Any suggestions; PS I am not very mechanically adept if this is a big job. Thank you.
Denon provides exceptional support their products. Got to

The DP45F is listed as a supported product. Give them a call.
Parts are scarce for those units. Because the DP-45F has the complex servo arm, you would need to be experienced to replace the arm, which is a one piece unit and would probably cost an arm and a leg if -- big IF -- you can locate one. Rewiring the existing arm would be equally daunting.

Did you test it yourself? Maybe it's a problem with the interconnect, not the arm wiring.
thank you for the good information, I will call Denon to see if the piece can be secured. As far as testing or replacing it myself, I have trouble with light bulbs, so perhaps the ultimate expense of repair would outweigh the benefit, and I should consider a new turntable!
Because parts are so scarce, it would probably be worth your while to sell it on eBay. Even though the arm is faulty the cabinet, headshell, counterweight, platter, motor, etc would probably amount to some decent money.

It would be a shame to throw an otherwise nice unit away.