Can an audio rack be that important?

When we spend Tens of thousands on audio equipment are we losing sight on the importance of a good audio rack? I have seen many setups were ultra high end audio equipment is used sub-par equipment racks. 
I have been grappling with buying a high end audio rack for sometime but have always put it off as less important. 
What does a reference rack actually do for the sound of high quality components?



My listening room is on rug covered hardwood floors suspended over a two car garage.  Isolating my turntable was a really difficult task.  I spent a good bit on a Timber Nation Tiger Maple 3" Shelf Rack, which is shown on my profile.  It is very heavy and the design uses multiple interfaces.  I’m happy with the results and can now play my records at reasonable volume. 

I agree. Mitch's system rack and room looks absolutely beautiful.  Nothing like anyone had in college. Love those SRA platforms!

Foot meet mouth 🤣 @roxy54

I am quite satisfied with my Fern & Roby Rack #1 and I also have a Solid Steel rack. I find the Butcherblock Acoustics' racks to be very nice and economical.

Equipment Rack Ash 3 Shelves 004

Everyone had one of those in college. It's junk and it looks ugly too. 


I didn't address you at all, so I don't know what you're talking about. I was addressing @mitch2 .

I'm glad that I provided you with an opportunity to brag about what you have though.

@roxy54 not at all, I was directing the rest of my post to the OP not at you at all. Should be careful you will end up with hoof and mouth disease as you were a bit braggadocios yourself.

They definitely make a sonic difference. I had a 4-shelf basic target rack for years, and when I got the Adona, the change was very audible. More stable imaging, and everything seemed more grounded. I also use different footers in addition to the rack. I love the look too, and the shelves are infinitely adjustable.

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