Can an audio rack be that important?

When we spend Tens of thousands on audio equipment are we losing sight on the importance of a good audio rack? I have seen many setups were ultra high end audio equipment is used sub-par equipment racks. 
I have been grappling with buying a high end audio rack for sometime but have always put it off as less important. 
What does a reference rack actually do for the sound of high quality components?



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I am quite satisfied with my Fern & Roby Rack #1 and I also have a Solid Steel rack. I find the Butcherblock Acoustics' racks to be very nice and economical.

Equipment Rack Ash 3 Shelves 004

Everyone had one of those in college. It's junk and it looks ugly too. 


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I'm glad that I provided you with an opportunity to brag about what you have though.

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They definitely make a sonic difference. I had a 4-shelf basic target rack for years, and when I got the Adona, the change was very audible. More stable imaging, and everything seemed more grounded. I also use different footers in addition to the rack. I love the look too, and the shelves are infinitely adjustable.

Audio Racks, Modular Audio Video Furniture and Isolation Platforms at Adona Corporation.



As a long time stereo builder (1975) and PC builder (1995) I would highly recommend against ever putting equipment on the floor. That's where all the dust, dirt, bugs, and water will congregate. Also limited air flow. I was taught 16" minimum , that's the height of electrical receptacles in most houses.

I will be the first to admit that it is sometimes not practical or feasible to do. I just bought a new VTI HIFI rack. I was replacing a cheap POS Wayfair stand. I spent right around $1000 for 10 racks. So even thought the bottom 3 racks are only 4.5" off the floor I am using them for my power amps. VTI makes power amp stands for mono blocks.

I can't say the sound has improved but my peace of mind has. I kept waiting to hear a huge crash and finding all my stuff in a pile. New rack is rock steady and looks really nice too. Hopefully last one I will need to buy.

I too started with cinderblocks and 2 x 8 floor joists for shelves. Then I moved on to  schedule 40 PVC filled with sand. 1/2 " for speaker stands and 1" for actual rack. Sturdy with no vibration. Then I got married and wife insisted upon "real" furniture.



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