Can an “audiophile” ever be satisfied with a system?

After I finally found a great used Woodsong Garrard 301, I was inspired to upgrade my entire system.
After 49 years of building up, am I finally off the merry-go-round??
Or are the improvements never-ending??
Now coming a new Triplanar tonearm, SRA platform for the 301 and Stillpoints for the preamp.
What’s left? New cartridge? New TV? Think the clearly endless quest is buying LPs!
Hope I am satisfied. Got a lot of great deals on new and used stuff but adding it all up puts me up to over $100K!
The Forum has been a real eye opener to many issues around my system and hobby. I never thought a I would not miss my SET before I moved to Atma-Sphere. And now I have a global view on my LP content.
For years, I winnowed down my large CD collection to about 100 that I always enjoy. I have them in three folders next to my office headphone system and love to listen when I am doing biz. I do listen to several over and over.
I've only fairly recently gotten serious about vinyl. I actually have already started sorting out the best LPs. It looks like I will do the same as my CDs with my hundreds of LPs.
Like I have said, when it comes to being satisfied with my system it is really all about 1. Content 2. Content and 3. Content.
Content for contentment!
I’ve realized for me it’s not really about being satisfied, as the urge to “try something new”

recently, I’ve learned cartridge swaps can accomplish that too.  I’ve been playing with some more budget carts like a retipped dl-103 and a sumiko blue point, and even if they aren’t as “good” as what they replaced, there’s enough different and interesting that it has scratched that certain itch to try something new. 

50 years on and a great sounding system (acc to others) and my answer is NO.

That particular joy of having arrived never lasts more than a few days/weeks.  My own personal record, from memory, is around 2 weeks.

some friends have average to lousy systems but man do they enjoy the music.  These are the blessed - they get it even if it's being filtered by an old sock. 

Thank goodness I'm not blessed!! Chasing excellence is the very essence of the human spirit.

Those sounds like my experiences too. 

That bliss of getting some new component, especially a turntable or a cartridge, would brilliantly exciting for a week or two. Then the lustre would wear off and my mind began to crave that sensation again.

I have also seen people enjoying systems that were distorting like crazy - bass, treble, everything - and they didn't seem to notice.

Somehow they must have been able to filter out all that sonic garbage and concentrate on their drinking and dancing.

'Chasing excellence is the very essence of the human spirit.'

Now that what's also keeps me going!
According to my wife, a definite NO, despite my protests! She’s right. I’m happy now but there’s always the lure of the audio grail out there. Like, do I really need those synergistic PHTs? No. But I know they’ll do something to my system.