Can an Electric Car make your system sound better

I have an Ionic 5 electric car that has a 120v outlet integrated into the car.  It is advertised to plug in a drill or a refrigerator.  If I use it for power to my stereo is that a good idea?  I have no idea of the quality of the inverter that is used in the car to convert the DC battery to 120 AC. 

Has anyone tried this?  I am not an electrical engineer, is there an easy way to know the quality of the AC the car outlet is providing.

Thanks - Dave


not the same but i know a few people who use a battery back up system like the Yetti, ecoflow, etc. that are basically a battery and inverter in one package usually sold as back up power. The inverter is actually quite good in many of these battery back up systems and reasonable pricing. they gave a noticeable sound improvement in the system i listened to with the most change in the noise floor. my friend runs his whole system from one and uses a solar panel to charge it, the panel is part of the package he bought. 

Is there testing that I can do to know the quality (Lack of noise) that a specific inverter has?  Or if the inverter has good spec what to look for.  I have Roon and use a raspberry pi as one of my endpoints and use a usb battery to power it.  There is no conversion AC /DC  so I assume that it has good clean power.