Can an iTouch be used to control iTunes on a Mini?

I want to use a Mini as a music server, but I don't want to have a display and keyboard/mouse. Can I use an iTouch as the interface?? Is there another solution that I should consider?

Try Remote, free from the iTunes app store. It says it's compatible with the iTouch, but I've never tried it. It's perfect on my iPhone.
I have a mini as a music server on my equipment rack with no display, keyboard or mouse attached. I control it with my MacBook. I temporarily attached a monitor, keyboard and mouse to the mini to set up"Sharing" under System Preferences. Works great. It's my understanding you can do the same with an iTouch once Sharing is set up on the mini.
iTouch will need to have the newest software revision, but as stated above should work fine.
Remote is great for control of Itunes only. If you want full desktop control try jaadu vnc at the app store. could help you eliminate the need for a monitor and keyboard.