Can anyone explain in laymans terms why your gear sound better after warm up

I get burn in... should be called burn off just to get the manufacturing process off all the different manufacturers and parts to sweat off the packaging and sealants. But a light bulb is on or off. So SS gear in theory should sound the same. A light bulb does not get brighter after an hour. Is it your ears get programmed? Or is there and actual technical reason that it sounds better? Please pretend Im a four year old cause with Electronics I am.

Almarg- thank you for your studied and educated response in layman's terms. Too bad that Millercarbon once again responded in such an aggressive, arrogant, and unstudied way.

It always astounds that millercarbon "Here in Washington we have some sweet green bud that will get you there in one step: inhale." {see} can attribute things with technical explanations to 'manufacturer magic' that has zero basis in fact and zero evidence other than 'say-so' to support it.

AlMarg OTOH is always spot on and completely lucid.

See for many reasons other than the listener as to why sonics change with temperature.
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