Can anyone identify the little black speakers ...

Can anyone identify the little black speakers on the stands in ... THIS VIDEO

Ribbon Tweeter .. Beveled front baffle and looks like some side bracing

They grabbed my attention for their POP

The artist is Michael Ruff .. the track is Wishing Well from the .. Speaking in Melodies album available at Amazon

TIA Dave
That's not an Aurum Cantus, it has a Kapton type tweeter ... not an aluminum foil ribbon that Aurum Cantus would have. It looks to be a DIY build.
Thanks to all for your thoughts ... funny thing is I’m not in the market for speakers

I’m very happy with mine from the Jurassic period ... a pair of NHT 3.3s for 2 channel and 5 Von Schweirkert VR4.5’s for the home theater

At 64 years I’ve learn to trust my ears ... what I hear ... before I trust my eyes ... What I read

Some how I was following links and clicked on that video out of chance ... I was immediately struck by the POP in the drums and attributed it to the ribbon speakers

I didn’t think all that extra equipment in the room .. the foam in the corners or shooting the video from a I Phone enhanced anything .. yet I was immediately drawn to it

I bought the album the other day from Amazon and noticed it said ... IMPORTED

Could it be that the IMPORTED albums are mastered that much better ...

DIY speakers ... wouldn’t that be a hoot .. I didn’t notice any tubes or vinyl in the video and I think the amps are DIY Nelson Pass clones .. so I gave the speakers the credit for my attraction
Quick follow up .. the CD just came in and I tossed it in the computer to compare it to the Youtube video from the net .. wasn’t even close .. the CD sounded dull and lifeless compared to the Youtube video

Hard to make sense of .. the Youtube video sounds so much better than the CD in my computer and they are both playing through the same POS! Dell speakers

The issue with the Youtube video I think is when ever you shoot a video from a I Phone or small point and shoot camera .. the tiny mic placed in the big flat surface of the phone or camera acts like a small tweeter in a large baffle and suffers from diffraction off the big flat surface

This tends to make voices sound a bit hollow

It’s getting late and I think I will go chase my wife around ... only problem is at 64 years old ... when I catch her I usually forget what I wanted her for
I own the Aurum Cantus Leisure 2SE's and these look different. For one thing, the cabinets of my speakers taper on each side from a wider base to a narrower top. These look fairly rectangular. The tweeter looks different to me as well.