Can Anyone Identify The Make of this Preamp

Around the late 90’s/ potentially early 00’s, I owned a corker of a preamp that I ended up trading in, fool that I was.

I have been trying to recollect the make/name of this Preamp but unfortunately to many G&T’s have dulled my memory. So I am reaching out to the Audiogon community to assist.

Here goes with the description:

It was a champagne gold metal finish valve preamp, standard size, it had an unusual slightly arched/curved top plate with slotted cut outs.

I can’t remember if it had a Phonostage as at that time I was seeking CD Nirvana.

At the back of my mind Audio was in the name, but maybe not.

Also for some reason, something to do with Mark Levinson, again maybe I am putting 2+2 together and coming up with 5. It was definitely not Red Rose.

I live in the UK which may also assist.

Over to you boys and girls.





I believe the Red Rose Affirmation integrated was a rebadged/modified amp from a Chinese company called Dusson. Either the v6i or v8i.



Jungson and Levinson come to mind (big snafu about one particular model that was marked up something like 10X), but I am not familiar with Red Rose.


This was a long time ago and I read about it here (I think).