Can anyone identify these speakers?

I wanted to know if anyone can identify these speakers, thanks.


It’s probably not like this all the time, but seeing all of this on my very first post ever here is kind of discouraging...

Apparently, I can only get serious help from half of the people and we have a super serious conspiracy theorist here accusing me of secret marketing.

@since1991 ,

You're welcome. Those are some beauties, for sure.

As for the wise-a$$es, I wouldn't take it personally. All in good fun.

Good luck. 

P.S. the ls3/5a has been around in some way, shape or form, in several brand names since the 60's. For very good reason. Excellent bookshelf speakers. Can't go wrong, really....


Years ago I bought a new in box Dared MP5 hybrid tube amplifier that came bundled with these exact speakers. Dared is a Chinese company out of Hong Kong and can safely assume these speakers were manufactured by Dared or outsourced from another chinese manufacturer . Both the amp and speakers are fairly decent quality.

i got this...

I’ve had the bug for over fifty years but only just recently learned how great small speakers can be.  It was always big floorstanders for me (up to 300-400 pounds) until we were forced to live in an old travel trailer for over 2-3 years.  After listening to built in automotive speakers for a while, I started reading about and trying out small bookshelf designs.  After experimenting with close to three dozen examples, it finally penetrated my skull that there are some very fine small speakers out there.  And a number of them sound much better than floorstanders in small rooms.  And that’s true of vintage stuff as well as new, fancyass top shelf speakers.  HEAVY stands and BluTack are essential to get the most out of them.  150+ pounds of lead in each stand is a huge deal.  Cost is not a huge correlative.  Small inexpensive room + small, inexpensive speakers + competent front end = astounding quality of sound.


What are you smoking? Everyone already said that they were ProAcs. Where did you get the idea that they were Chinese?