Can anyone recommend a ARC repair service in NYC a

I am looking for an authorized ARC repair service to service my ARC VTM-200 amp

Thanks in advance
Not dissing the other recommendation but Ben Jacoby is authorized ARC, I
know he is highly regarded for a bunch of high end tube stuff, shop in
Brooklyn - (I think Ben was the repair guy at the Stereo Exchange back in
the day-
btw, does anyone know what happened to Du-Hong (sp?)- he was a
violinist and worked with electronics, i think he worked on an old pair of
Quad II's that I still have?

Ben is:
Thanks all...I'll try Technetron first due to easier access. Ben is a reliable guy but Brooklyn is not that convenient.
One good thing about ben is that I needed repair on a CD-2 display and had it sent to him from ARC...Tried to deliver my CD-2 for service and he wasn't there at his place and I didn't want to leave it in the lobby of the building and hope it would get to ben...He graciously forwarded the part to my good friend and service tec in Lake Hopatcong who did it for me.

It left me with the feeling that ben is responsible and reliable but Brooklyn is a long way from NJ and I'm in Manhattan often.
I suspect that Peter Ledermann (Soundsmith) is authorized for ARC. Is the piece under warranty or are you just looking for high quality service? If the latter, Peter is the man. Easy to get to from NJ, too - he's in Peekskill.
Raquel, you are right, Peter has serviced my Dual 75a, my Sp10mkii and at
least one other ARC piece. Forgive me for not mentioning him.
on a related note, does anyone have any reccomendations for someone in Westchester who can simply measure the heaters on on one set of tube jacks on my preamp?

I have a discrepency between stated spec and tubes used previously and need to determine filament voltage (10V or 6V)