Can anyone recommend a good streamer/DAC?

I have tried streaming on an Astell& Kern Kann Cube and love it. Now looking for a streamer DAC combo (or  both integrated in one box) to put on the rack with my living room system. I have read good things about the Cambridge Audio 851n and their CXN v2; $1,500 and $1,100, respectively. Also about the Bryston BDA-3.14, at $4,200. I am willing to pay for good quality sound and at the same time I worry that the technology may be moving fast enough that as with computers and HDTVs there will be a much better version available soon for a lot less money. Anybody know if Cambridge Audio or Bryston has anything new in the works for streamer/DACs? All recommendations will be much appreciated.
Yes. Auralic Altair new or used. It works with Roon or you can you its own Lightning software. 
Very curious about the Araulic G series, please let me know how you like the sound quality. I’m in the same boat except kinda new to digital streaming; always played vinyl and cd on my tube system. I’d like to add streamer for the convenience beyond low level Spotify/Audioengine D2 and purchase a serious music streamer that allows me to use its DAC for my CD player w/ digital out (no cd rip needed). Thanks

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Any Lumin streamer will work well for streaming only. They only have DAC that serves the streamer itself with no auxiliary inputs for a CD transport .
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To the OP. I two systems. I have the cxn v2 and the bluesound 2i. I have compared them both in both systems so I may be able to help. 

My only complaint on the cxn is it doesn’t play MQA. Of course the bluesound does. If I did it over again I would have bought the upper Cambridge model that does play MQA. However I actually prefer the sound of the cxn playing cd quality over the bluesound playing MQA. The cxn just has a pleasent sound signature. 

With that said I recently added a Hegel HD25 dac after the bluesound and it sounds great so you may want to consider looking into that route. 

Hope this helps, lots of choices.